Welcome to Pet’s Dream Park online video station
Please select the area you wish to view. User ID and user password will be needed. It is normal for the viewing window to turn green. Connection speed depends on users ISP speed, please be patient.
For first time visitors, please refer to the user instruction below

Pet's Dream Park activity section
user ID:guest   password: guest

Boarding section (A)(B)&VIP ROOM
For the privacy of our guests, visitors may only be able to view the video images broadcasted from our activity area; viewing of the boarding area will not permitted.
owners of our boarding guests may be able to view their own pet’s suite by selecting their pet’s suite number and entering the correct user ID/password.

Boarding section (A)

Boarding section (B)


We have recently upgreaded our webcam system so you may now view more than 4 areas in Pet’s dream park simultaneously. (webcam viewing requires IE with ActiveX installed.) Our webcam covers: café, sports field and swimming pool area, the isle area will soon be covered too! Further more, to make it more convenient for you to see your pet online, our new webcam system now supports 3G cellphone(with JAVA).

Simply follow the below instructions for installing and operating our new webcam system on your computer/cellphone.

-How to use internet explorer(IE) to view Pet’s dream park’s webcam
If this is your first time using our new webcam system
Click on the below ip address and type in the webcam server ip( ), you will see the window as shown below.

If you have not yet installed ActiveX ( on your system, please do so by following IE’s ActiveX installing instructions .

Enter the account/password screen and type in the account/password. Our public area account/password is: guest/guest. Select the type of internet connection(usually 514K or 164K/modem), and the setting is done.

Entring the viewing mode as shown in figure below:
You may select to view four areas at once by clicking on the “multi-screen” option on the viewing modes.

If you have already installed ActiveX on your system, skip the installation steps. Simply enter the account/password, then select the type of internet connection before starting to view the webcam.

-How to view our webcam by a cellphone
We suggest using 3G cellphones for viewing our online webcam, (internet rates depend on your phone service provider)please check with your service provider for your current plan. Online webcam viewing requires JAVA compitable cellphones.

Cell phone webcam viewing instructions

1 download and install java-viewer program:
Connet to ( ) by your cell phone internet browser, then download and install the java-viewer.jar software on your phone. (please refer to your cellphone’s user manual for software installing tips.)

2 using java-viewer to connet and view webcam online
Start the java-viewer program.(please refer to your cellphone’s user manual for tips on how to start a program.)

Enter the DVR IP: public area:
Boarding area from A101 to A116:
Boarding area from A117 to A214:
(please enter the IP accordingly to the area you wish to view)

Enter PORT: 5550

Enter user ID:
ID for public area is: guest. Room ID is the same as the room number

Enter password: password for plublic area is: guest.
You will be setting your own password for your pet’s suit.
Select “connect” to enable the connection.
Click on “menu/content” to view different cameras.

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