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Hardware facility:
Each of our guests will have an individual room to him/her self (room size starting from 150cm*150cm, not a cage). Our guest rooms are built with fire resistant materials, with a french door (10mm strengthened glass) on the front side. (Some rooms are built without a ceiling to suit different needs.)

Central air conditioning, air circulating system, and air purifier are equipped for the resting area. Within the resting area, room temperature will be set at 24℃~27℃ according to the change of climate, and humidity will be miantained under 70% (high humidity may cause diahrea in both cats and dogs). To provide the area with full of fresh air constantly, the air circulation system is powered by a pair of powerful motor to creat an air quality similar to a SARS qurantine room.

Every room has it’s own individual set of illumination and a high resolution color camera. You will be able to watch your beloved pet resting comfortably in the suit online, through a computer or a 3G cell phon anywhere in the world.

Our facility is guarded with ceritified fire fighting system which meets the highest national safety standard.

Software facility:
Here in Pet’s Dream Park, we try to provide a friend making “summer camp” exdperince for your pets, instead of trying to make them believe they are still at home. However, we are more than welling to help them to adapt to the new environment. Just let us know about your pet’s habits and feeding schedule, and we will do our best to make your pet feel relaxed.

Normaly, our staff will start the morning sanitary procedure at 8:00am. Breakfest will be served at 9:00am, followed by the playing time with daycare guests.(please refer to the “pet daycare” page for detail information.)

If your pet is well socialized and do not need special quarantine, he/she will be playing in an open space area till 4:00pm before returning to his/her room for an afternoon nap. During your pet’s playing time, our staff will carefully clean his/her room again with medical grade disinfectant. After your pet has checked out,we will again repeat the sanitary procedure with disinfectant and a torch gun to eliminate all the germs.

We also provide door to door escort service, please refer to the “door to door” service page for more information.

ualification for pet boarding:
-reservation must be made at least one day prior to boarding your pet.

-all boarding pets must be on a routine de-worm and flea control program, and must have completed the 8 in 1(or canine 7-1) shot, and have taken the rabies vaccin.(5 in 1 or 3 in 1 for all feline companions.) All vaccins should still be in effect (vaccins are normally good for one year if they were given in Taiwan.)

-please kindly provide the original vaccin papers (no photo copies accepted). Please ask your vet clinic to provide a prof of vaccin history if you do not have the original copy.

-We do not accpet pets that has just taken a vaccin within seven days. This is when the immune system fights the vaccin inorder to produce new antibodies, hence the body is more vulnerable to diesease during this period of time. We do let our guests interact freely. Althogh all of our guests has taken the vaccin, but they may have carried some virus into Pet’s Dream Park from outside without affecting themselves (they are immune to the virus due to the vaccin taken before.)

-For the health and safty of our guests, any pet found with fleas and/or ticks, or worms in their feces will have to be treated immediately(medical expenses will be charged.) The owner may choose to take the pet home.

-To prevent infections or any post surgery complications, we do not accept pets that has just been neutered within 7days, nor wounded pets with stiches still on.

-Due to our open management operating style, we are not able to accpet pets who are in heat.

-We DO accept elderly, wounded, aggressive animals, and pets with special needs. We are more than welling to help both the animal and the owner(under common understanding of our service and operating method). We do however, retain the right to refuse taking an unsuitable pet.

Important notice
-please do not bring your pet’s food/water bowl, as we will provide stainless steel food and water bowls.(which is easier for daily high heat sterilization procedure.)

-do provide your pet’s usual daily food/commercial food. Pets may suffer from anxiety due to the introduction of a new environment, reactions such as loss of appetite or even diarrhea may occur. The situation may worsen if they could not get used to the new food.

-there will be no extra charge for medical assistance; it is very important for the owner to inform us if the pet needs any form of medical care. Please provide us with your pet’s medication.

-if this is your pet’s first visit, or even his/her fisrt time leaving home, we strongly suggest you to pay us a visit with your pet before the actual boarding. During the visit, you may leave the pet for a while then come back, this will help your pet understand the concept that you will come back for him/her, and ease the separation anxiety.

-if this is your pet’s first visit/first time leaving home, we suggest you to check-in before noon. This will allow enough time for your pet to get used to the new environment before bed time, and will allow us to observe his/her reactions towards this environment.

-please inform us about your pet’s personality and habits in detail so we can help your pet adopt to the new environment smoothly.

-Pet’s dream park works in cooperation with many vet clinics. In case of an immergency, we will send the pet to the best qualified clinic(or house call help), and have the pet treated/diagnosed immediately. Health and safety of our guests is the highest priority.

-payment should be cleared when checked-in.

-to ensure the qulity of our service, daily check in/out hours starts from 9:00 till 21:30.

A little reminder
For dogs who are preparing to check-in, please don’t forget to provide their immune shot papers (original copy).

Single Day Boarding
Neutered dogs
Dogs without
Mini Size Dogs
( 5kg )
Toy size dogs
( <10kg )
Midium sized dogs
( 10~25kg )
Midium-large sized dogs
( >25~40kg )
Large dogs
( >40kg )

Each over night (after check-out hours) stay counts as one full day. (special discounts for pets boarding over 10 days.)
long stay discounts will only be offered to guests staying for over 2 months.
Download the registration form for pet boarding, and send the completed form to

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