About PetsDreamPark

Pets dream park is an innovative and professional pet hotel. We provide the most humanness services such as 24hrs watchman ship, pet day-care and grooming service. Differ from the traditional pet hotel management, we provide more of a “summer camp” experience for your pets to have fun and make new friends during their stay.

Our spacious hotel (9000 square feet) includes an indoor sports field and a swimming pool for dogs. High-end central air conditioner and air circulation system is equipped to provide constant fresh air and temperature/humidity. Each of our guests will be staying in their own room with individual set of illumination and a 24hrs webcam system to enable you to see your pet live online. You may also contact our staff 24hrs a day to find out how your pet is doing. (We will also contact you if case of an emergency.) As for our pet grooming service, we use only all natural, non toxic products to keep our guests clean and pretty. We operate under “open management” system; hence both day care and boarding guests would be able to play and interact freely in our spacious facility, instead of being constrained in a cold hard iron cage.

Check in/out hours for dogs: 09:00~21:30
Guest visiting hours (guests rooms): 18:00~19:00/or by appointment

A little reminder
for pet boarding, aside from bringing his/her personal belongings, please remember to bring your pet’s effective vaccine papers. It is required as a part of the check-in procedure.

Address:No. 15, Ln. 121, Lide Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan    TEL:(02)2896-7777
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